B2B Marketing Partners is one of the best ECOA Mailing Lists Providers in the globe. If you are wasting your money and incurring loss by sending mails to invalid email addresses, then ECOA Lists from us will be the right solution for all your needs and worries.

In the USA every other day people change their job resulting in change of their e-mail address. To keep up your sales and email campaigns from dropping, you need to verify and update all the e-mails in your database periodically, and we make this task easy and effortless for you. Through our Email Appending Services we devised direct marketing mailing lists to reach your target base precisely.

Why B2B Marketing Partners' ECOA services?

  • We provide updated and fresh e-mail addresses
  • Unlike traditional mailing list providers we offer advanced, accurate and reliable data for efficient marketing
  • Reconnect with lost prospects and target new ones
  • Improve conversation rate and sales
  • Get access to direct marketing mailing lists at affordable price

Our E-mail Change of Address (ECOA) service can help you keep your e-mail database up-to-date and accurate. This will help you retain old customers, save time and also save thousands of dollars.

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