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Data Mining Service also referred as knowledge discovery is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summing up into useful information. Social Media Data Mining is a powerful new technology that helps companies to focus on the most important information in the data, which they have collected to predict behaviors and future trends, allowing businesses to make proactive by knowledge-driven decisions.

Online Data Mining Services are gaining momentum across wide range of industries including retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and aerospace. Many marketers are already using online data mining tools and techniques to take advantage of historical data to know significant facts, relationships, trends, and patterns.

Data Mining can be useful for:

  • Market segmentation - Identify the common characteristics of customers who buy the same products over and over again
  • Fraud detection - Data mining service helps you to identify which contacts are most likely to be fraudulent
  • Direct marketing - Identify prospects which will get included in a mailing list to obtain the highest response rate by data integration
  • Trend analysis - Reveal the difference between typical customers

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